Saturday, February 12, 2011

2011, new year, new job.

Well, it has certainly been a while since I last posted to my blog. I did not die from the New Year's Eve festivities; I have just been busy with other items in my life and have not spent much time in the blog world. I will try to get a few posts out that review some of the things that I have been up to.

This year has started out well for me. I have started in a new position at my work and the story behind that is interesting. I have worked at my company for over 3.5 years. During that time, I have travelled regularly doing customer installations of the software product that we provide. In my previous job, I did a similar position of travel and install. Altogether, I have been travelling regularly for 7 years and it has started to wear me down. There have been too many times that I have missed events involving my children because I was out of town.

Back towards the middle of December 2010, a Quality Assurance Analyst position was posted at my work. I was interested because this meant that I would no longer travel. I applied and hoped for the best. Sure enough, I was scheduled for an interview. I felt like the interview went well and was looking forward to a possible promotion. A couple of days later, the manager that I interviewed with (we'll call him Jim) sent me a company instant message asking if I had received a transfer date from my current manager. I told him that I had not and that my current manager was currently out of town. He told me that he would contact him the next week and make arrangements for me to start in the new department. I was ecstatic! Finally, after the years of travel, I would be able to have a normal office job. I was feeling good about this looking forward to the next week for what I thought would be a good week.

I started the week before Christmas and met with my current manager (we'll call him Bob) letting him know that Jim was wanting to meet with him about me transferring to his department. On Tuesday, I checked with Bob and he still had not heard from Jim. I thought this was a little strange, but I was willing to be patient and see what would develop. I am friends with the HR assistant and decided to chat with her to see if she had heard anything. She mentioned that Jim had also interviewed a woman in the customer support department (we'll call her Mary). She told me that Jim had offered the job to Mary. This really concerned me because Jim had told me the week before that he intended to have me transfer to his department. Why would he tell both Mary and me that we had the job?

On Wednesday, I sent a message to Jim asking if he had got in touch with Bob about my transfer date. He replied that he was still interviewing. What the fuck?! Just the week before, he had told me that he wanted me to start in his department, and then he tells Mary that she had the job, and now he gives me the excuse of still interviewing? There may have been some convincing from some of the people in Jim's department to hire Mary. They liked her and were hoping that she could come work with them. This was the week before Christmas, and I knew that nothing was going to get resolved for at least a week or so because of the holidays.

The Sunday after Christmas, I took Blondie and kids on a road trip to my parents' new home. We had a pleasant visit for what it was worth. The great thing was that church and religion was never really brought up, but there is only so much Fox News that I can handle before going insane. During this time, the whole job fiasco was bothering me. I sent an email to the HR Office Manager explaining that I was concerned about the status of the job. He replied letting me know that he would get is resolved.

I started work the week after New Years with the idea that Mary was going to get the position. I had the opportunity to speak to a few friends around work and they had all heard that Mary was planning on moving. I was convinced that I had lost the position for sure. I checked with my current manager Bob again to see if he had heard from Jim. He told me that Jim had been sick and ended up in the hospital; that was definitely concerning. By Wednesday January 5th, Bob gave me some interesting news on the status of the position. He said that since Jim was still sick, the company had decided to have his superior make the decision on the job. This was great news! This woman was not at our local office, she was the head of quality assurance testing for the nationwide company. I ended up doing an interview with her over the phone, I am sure that Mary did too. I felt even better about this interview because she did not know me or Mary, all she had to go on was our experience and qualifications.

By Friday January 7th, I received an official job offer from Jim. I met with him and he was feeling better out of the hospital. He apologized for the miscommunications and gave me a nice job offer. Now, I was very happy and relieved; I pulled this job out of the fire! Unfortunately, Mary took the news pretty hard, which I can understand. She made the mistake of posting about it on Facebook, which someone should never do. I am not friends with her, but other coworkers are. They showed me what she posted and what her mother said. Let's just say that it was very unprofessional and embarrassing; she had the good sense to delete it off of Facebook. Mary also ended up taking a couple of personal days to recuperate from the experience.

Another interesting side effect from all this is what happened to Jim. I started my first week in the new department and we went out for a team lunch. After we got back, no one saw Jim for a while, and then we received word that he had been let go and escorted out of the building. I guess he had made a number of mistakes as manager that the company had counseled him about. After a while, it looks like he made too many and the company decided he needed to go. I feel bad for him and hope that he can find something new.

So, here I am, working as a Quality Assurance Analyst with a small department of good people. I go to work, listen to music or podcasts, and work with software developers. I no longer have to travel or be a company face for our customers. 2011 is looking to be a good year.