Sunday, November 28, 2010

Parents go ahead and lie to your children, it's okay.

There have been a couple of commercials on TV lately that have really been bugging me, it involves parents knowingly lying to their children, and thinking it is okay. The first commercial is for Tide detergent. A daughter comes to her mom and asks if she had seen her green shirt. The commercial then cuts to the mom's memory as she remembers having borrowed her daughter's shirt for a night out with her friends. During the night out, she spilled something on the shirt and now she does not want her daughter to know that she borrowed her shirt without asking. The mom responds to her daughter that the shirt in question is not her style, insinuating that she would not wear that shirt. There is the first lie! Next, the mom finds the shirt and washes it with Tide. Later, the daughter finds the shirt and the mom asks about it. The daughter indicates that it must have been hiding in her closet. The mom does not say anything and lets her daughter walk out the door with this impression. There is the second lie!

The other offending commercial is from McDonalds. A young couple is driving to McDonalds and their daughter asks where breakfast comes from. The mom instead of giving a legitimate answer spins a tale about giants and wizards in the land of breakfast that magically make this food. Once again, another direct lie! When the mom is done with this fantasy story, the daughter then asks, "Where do I come from?" The commercial ends showing the mom with a worried look of what to say next.

What a bunch of bullshit! These commercials are portraying parents lying to their children and thinking that it is okay. It really just leaves a bad taste in my mouth watching these commercials that advocate parents purposely lying to their children. Every time I see the McDonalds commercial at the end, I always think, "What fantasy story are you going to come up with now that explains where children come from?" Instead of making up a bullshit story, the mom could have answered the question about breakfast truthfully, explaining to her daughter the way food is really grown / raised and delivered to food places for purchase. She could also explain how a baby is grown inside of a mother's body without getting into graphic details. Would not this be a more responsible way to answer her child's questions? The Tide commercial just sickens me because a mother is setting a bad example of borrowing something that does not belong to her and lying about not using it.

So what do you think? Am I off base here? Maybe I just have this weird idea of parents being honest with their children. It just seems irresponsible to me to see commercials that show parents actively lying to their children and thinking it okay.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Everybody wants to go to Heaven

Yeah, I know, I am that annoying guy that just posts music on his blog. I have a couple more songs I would like to share. As I was flying to Connecticut today, I listened to Love and Rockets. Now I would imagine that most people have not heard of this band. Love and Rockets is an alternative band from the 80s and also a spin off from the gothic band Bauhaus. I find their music very enjoyable and two of their songs affected me today. I am going to share the song and lyrics and I ask that you take the time to actually listen to the songs and read the lyrics. There are some great messages and thoughts here.

Everybody wants to go to Heaven

Everybody wants to go to heaven
Everybody wants to go to heaven
Everybody wants to go to heaven
Do you wonder if heaven is true?
Do you want to see an angel?
Do you want to see an angel?
Do you want to hear an angel?
Do you wonder if angels are true?
The picket and the policeman
The astronaut in space
The skinhead and the student
The one who wears your face
Do you want to see the kingdom
Without a king?
Do you ever really wonder
If there is such a thing?
The future king of England
The little boy in school
The T.V. commentator
The prophet and the fool
The vicar and the rapist
The prisoner and the judge
The girl who works in Tesco's
The critic with a grudge
The rebel and the teacher
The vandal and the saint
The AIDS patient and the preacher
The one who says he ain't going anywhere
Everybody wants some heaven
Everybody wants some heaven
Everybody wants some heaven
Do you want to go to heaven?
Do you want to hear an angel?
Do you want to see the kingdom?
Oh Yeah!

I like this song; it gives you something to think about. I like that question, “Do you wonder if heaven is true?” Even after leaving the Mormon Church and all the stuff that gets posted about it on the Internet, you still have sit and wonder sometimes what is out there.

Alright, next song that has some deep meaning from Love and Rockets.

Sweet F.A.

I was rolling down the window of my car
And I was thinking where the game had got me so far
Doesn't matter where you're going or where you're coming from
Or is your life just like a grain of sand?
Fuck all else

Well I was rolling down the highway of my dreams
And I was wondering about highward sunsets and the silver screen
Doesn't matter where you're going or where you're coming from
Or is your life just like a grain of sand?
Fuck all else

Doesn't matter where we're going or where we're coming from
Or isn't life just like a grain of sand?
Fuck all else

Rolling down the highway in a dream

I was rolling down the highway in a dream

Just rolling down the highway in a dream

Just rolling...
Just rolling...

What I like about this song is the idea of all that matters is what I choose and I love the phrase “Fuck all else.” People like to make a big deal about religion either for it or against it, but it just doesn’t matter. Make your choice and fuck all else.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Aah, the Devil's Music, just the way I like it!

Just wanted to share a variety of great Devil's music that is non-religious and evil in every way.

Remember how Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven was suspect of being a song for the devil?

And how about Mephiskapheles and the Bumblebee Tuna song? These kids look like they are having a good time skank dancing, but the album this song comes from is God Bless Satan. Mephiskapheles? Mephisto? Demon anyone?

Now we're talking! The epitomy of evil, The Sex Pistols with Anarchy in the U.K.
I am an anti-Christ!
I am an anarchist!

You can have your Christian hymns, I'll take my Devil's music anyday!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Am I expecting too much?

Last night, I had a great conversation with my brother and his wife about my parents. I told my brother about the conversation that I had with my parents about a week ago. Here is what my conversation with my parents was about.

If I have not mentioned it before, my parents moved to Arizona; my dad’s health was struggling in Utah and they needed to be in a warmer climate. Well since the Mormon Church had their conference at the beginning of October, I have been curious about whether the controversy that followed was big enough for my parents to notice. Here in Utah, many people were outraged about the statements of Boyd K. Packer and the subsequent changes in print that the church made. Was it just a Utah thing or did anyone outside of the state of Utah notice?

As I was chatting with my parents, curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask them about it. I asked if they had heard any of the news about the controversy and protests that happened after conference. They said that they had not heard anything about it. I filled them in about what the issues were. They said that they had watched conference and had not noticed anything out of the ordinary with the talks. As my mom said about Packer, “He was just speaking for the Lord.” My dad went on to talk about the anti-Mormons that he so deeply despises. They also asked if I am going to church or believe in god now. I explained that I am not going to church and I am not sure whether there is a god or not. I am okay with saying I do not know for sure. Our conversation ended shortly afterward and everything was fine.

So I related this story to my brother and we had a good conversation about the results. We were fascinated with the idea that my parents had not noticed anything different about conference. The leaders were speaking for the Lord and nothing else mattered. Outside of the state of Utah, hardly anyone noticed that some leader of the Mormon Church had said anything out of the ordinary that would have upset anyone. As I have said before, outside of the state of Utah, the Mormon Church is very inconsequential and insignificant, hardly noticed by anyone.

I explained that I feel like my relationship with my parents seems so unresolved because they will not even acknowledge any of the issues that I bring up about the church. My brother, who is three years younger than me, had some good advice about this. He said that since our parents are in their senior years, it might be too much to ask of them to consider that the church may not be true. They have lived their entire lives devoted to this church and the thought for them of realizing that their efforts may have been in vain may be too much to ask.

This is sad to me that my parents may be afraid to investigate anything at all because they might be afraid of what they find. They have looked a little bit at the issues, but they do want to look any further. They love the church and have very strong testimonies, but it is not unheard of for people like this to lose their testimonies once they discover the truth. Imagine being in your 70s and investigating the troubling issues with the church and finding your testimony disintegrating before your very eyes. Think of the heartache that would be felt after realizing that you had spent your entire life devoted to a church that is a fraud, and there is no doubt, the Mormon Church is a fraud, no truer than any other church on this earth.

After talking to my brother, I came to the realization that I may be asking too much of my parents. I really cannot expect them to question their devotion to a religion that they have lived for their entire lives. They will remain strong followers of the church to the day they die and I just need to come to terms that they will never accept the decision that I have made to leave. The issues that I have with the church are items that they will never entertain with study or prayer the way that I have. I have questioned my life, my beliefs, and everything that I was taught since I was born. I have the luxury of being able to live the rest of my life the way that I want now and not having to look at my entire life as a waste of devotion to a false religion. I love my parents and I will work on respecting their choice of believing in this church even though I so desperately desire for them to see the truth and come to terms with it instead of running away in fear.