Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thank you Blue October, I was spiritually uplifted.

Last night was the Blue October concert and to put it simply, it was an awesome show. If you do not know who Blue October is, please go to this link and familiarize yourself with this band. They are talented beyond belief and the songs they perform will hit you on such a personal level.

Blondie and I wanted to have a fun night for the concert so we made some preparations. We went to the Gateway for dinner, but we decided to make our own drinks to enjoy before the show. If you have ever wanted to know, drinks in Utah really suck ass. The drinks are so specifically measured and can only have one to one and a half ounces of alcohol in each drink. In other words, you are paying a lot of money for pretty weak drinks. Here is how we prepared our drinks. We took regular sized Coke and Dr. Pepper bottles, poured out some of the soda, and replaced it with whiskey and rum; now the soda was fun.

After our dinner, we sat on a bench at the Gateway and enjoyed our sodas; no one knew anything different. It got time to head to the show so we finished off our drinks and went to the concert. By this time, Blondie was feeling really good. We maneuvered our way to where we wanted to be and then waited as the opening band finished. Blondie was pretty tipsy and basically held onto me very close; it made me happy to know that I have a girl that loves me so much.

Blue October finally started their show and it was mesmerizing. Blondie loves them so much and their songs mean a lot to her. With almost every song, she had tears streaming down her face because the lyrics of each song affected her so strongly. For me, I could not stand still. At most concerts, guys look pretty stupid if you ask me. They stand there and try to look cool not showing any emotion or desire to dance to the music. Not me. The music was just so damned good; I could not stand still any more. I started dancing and dancing my way. I did not care if anyone was looking at me or laughing, it did not matter. It was a spiritual experience for me to let myself go and do what I wanted to do with a big “Fuck you!” attitude for anyone that thought anything less of me for it.

When the show ended, Blondie and I walked back to our car. Surprisingly, she was still feeling pretty tipsy, good thing I was feeling pretty good. We drove home with smiles on our faces reminiscing about just how good the Blue October show was. I think we will go see them any time they come back.

So this weekend is conference weekend for the LDS church and I just don’t care. It does not matter to me because I don’t need the spiritual uplifting from it, which I would not have received anyway. The Blue October concert gave me all the spiritual uplifting that I need.

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  1. We just need to see Blue October twice a year and we'll be set:) It was a fantastic show as always!