Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Deadmau5 show at Sin City. Morals anyone?

On Friday October 15, 2010, my friend Dave and I made the road trip from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas for the Deadmau5 show. If you do not know who Deadmau5 is, check out my previous post about him. Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman is the current hot DJ touring the world and he is putting out some great dance/techno/house music.

So, here we are at the Hard Rock Hotel and the funny thing is that we end up running into Deadmau5 in the hallway. Dave and I said a quick hello with a handshake. That was pretty cool because he came across as just a regular guy and not some superstar celebrity. In fact, we saw him again later waiting in line for a taxi.

His show was at Body English inside the Hard Rock Hotel. He put on a great show and I really enjoyed myself. Instead of having the big light cube, this was a more intimate concert with him just upfront on stage doing his show.

I want to comment about the environment that I was in. Las Vegas is known as Sin City for a reason and I certainly witnessed a lot of “sin” in this nightclub. The biggest thing I witnessed was how the girls were dressed. Every single girl there was wearing the tightest, shortest dresses / skirts known to man. Now don’t get me wrong, the eye candy was pretty amazing. The boobs on display were incredible, legs a mile long, and unbelievably tight ass. After a while though, I started to wonder, “Where are the regular girls?” The girls almost looked unrealistic. My buddy Dave told me afterwards that a lot of the girls there were paid escorts. It was quite an experience to see the party atmosphere for real and not just on TV.

So let’s talk modesty and morals. Seeing these girls made me think of the Mormon Church’s strong stance on modesty. None of these girls would have been thought of anything other than completely immoral and immodest. To be honest, I did think that many of them just looked like whores. Is this what the world is? It seems like such an extreme. You have church standards on one side with people getting offended if too much shoulder is shown or a skirt above the knee. On the other hand, you have girls dressing as if they are getting paid for sex. Is there no middle ground?

I also wondered about the self-esteem of these girls. Do they feel like they have to dress like this in order for their boyfriend or other guys to be interested in them. How many of these girls will get so drunk or high on Ecstasy that they will wake up in the morning in some strange bed and wonder how they got there? Who did they end up having sex with that night and not know about it?

Now, I understand that I basically went to the den of evil by going to Las Vegas. It is so blatant there with signs everywhere advertising the many strips clubs located around the city. I guess it just seems a little sad to see people that have no sense of morals. I have left the church, but I still feel like morals and modesty are important. As I saw these girls, I thought of my own daughter; she is 11 right now. Would I want to see her dressed like these girls and dancing with men the way that I saw these girls do? I still want to instill into her a sense of morals and modesty that help her in not making the choices that these girls made. Yes, the church is not what I turn to anymore for my sense of morals and modest, but I still feel like that can be an important part of our choices in life.


  1. I think the self-esteem stereotype about scantily clad girls is basically a scary story told by people who want you to cover up. Wearing tight clothing doesn't necessarily mean you hate yourself and are trying to make up for it. However, it can mean that you enjoy the power it seems to give you over the opposite sex (or same sex if that's what turns you on). I don't think there's anything unhealthy about that. We don't judge athletes who work out to feel powerful; why should we judge women (or men) who dress provocatively for the same reason? I don't think there's anything wrong with enjoying the fact that your looks have the effect on others of a perfectly healthy arousal response.

    I think this was an interesting read on the topic:

    But I'm kind of torn on the issue myself:

  2. Intriguing topic, Bowie. And I admit that to an extent I do judge other people -- men and women -- based on their wardrobe choices. It's not even necessarily conscious. It's partly a habit and no doubt partly due to my socialization and upbringing.

    Of course, when I wear non-garment friendly yet modest shorts, skirts, and tank tops, Mormons notice and they probably think I'm immodest. To an extent modesty is in the eye of the beholder.

    That being said, Mike and I were somewhere recently and saw a woman who's humungous boobs were about to fall out of her top. No words were spoken or necessary. We both looked at each other with that "Holy Shamole! I hope she doesn't trip on anything!" look. And I don't think her boobs so nearly on display had any particular power over Mike. It was more like having a sign with an arrow pointing to her chest: "Look everyone! I have boobies!" It's an attention-getter and not necessarily in a good way.

    Maybe the ultimate question comes down to the level of respect one has for one's self? And how we dress does reflect how we feel about ourselves. Escorts and whores are not generally known for feeling great about themselves.

  3. This is certainly a sensitive topic. Should women dress in a way that objectifies themselves to men? If they do dress in the way that I witnessed, does that make it right? What is right or wrong? I guess that is why people turn to religion looking for a definition of right and wrong. Right and wrong definitely more difficult to define when religion is removed.

    I think I was just a little more aware of my surroundings since I come from a Mormon background and have always been taught about morality and modesty. Being in such a Vegas party atmosphere was a bit of a shocker for me while it might be hardly noticed by someone else. I will have to say that having boobs on the verge of busting out of their top seems a little excessive to me. I would think that women know what they are doing and may want to leave at least a little to the imagination.

    Overall, I had a good time and really enjoyed the show. Having the opportunity to experience the Vegas party nightlife will be something I will not forget. Maybe I will need to do more research. ;)