Sunday, September 26, 2010

Walking though the art museum

I’m walking though The Minneapolis Institute of the Arts and there is so much to see. I start with the Asian art collection. So many influences of Buddhism and Taoism here. I enjoy looking at the intricate artwork, so detailed. Entire rooms have been recreated inside the museum depicting the lifestyle of these ancient Asian people. I try to envision what life was like for these people. Were they overly religious and expecting conformity from all members? With so many religious influenced art and sculptures on display, it looks like rigid religious expectations were definitely a part of this culture. Was there anyone that questioned or decided that the religious culture was not for them?

I move into the Egyptian display and see various wooden sarcophaguses on display showing the burial practices of the Egyptians. Inside the sarcophagus is Egyptian artwork. I see images with very similar imagery to the facsimiles in the Book of Abraham. Did Abraham get buried in this sarcophagus? I remind myself that the imagery used here is for burial purposes that Egyptians used and really had nothing at all to do with Abraham. How funny.

I walk into an area with various ceremonial masks. I’m not sure if this is American Indian or Pacific Islander, I guess I forgot to look. There is an amazing wooden mask with so many colors and designs that is mesmerizing to look at. I have my camera and try to take a good picture of it. Damn this reflective glass that has encased this mask! No matter what angle I try, there is always a reflection or some other person showing up in my picture. Photography is fun and yet frustrating at the same time.

On the upper level are displays of modern art. I enjoy walking through here and seeing various displays, but I can’t stop thinking about the Asian displays. I found those sculptures so intriguing, but I also ask myself, “How the hell did they get a full sized car up on the 3rd floor?” Beyond the modern art, I find more renaissance type art from the 1600’s. So many portraits of affluent people. Did they really dress and look like this? The clothes they are wearing almost look like clown clothes. So interesting to see what they were like and some of them are just not attractive people. Maybe we have evolved into better looking people compared to back then, just a thought.

Then I walk into the Christian art, ugh. As I look around, I see the same types of paintings about Christ that I have seen so many times before. Mary holding her blessed son, angels flying over head. One painting shows God in the clouds sending the baby Christ down to Mary as if he is throwing a strike over home plate. I also chuckle when I seen a painting of Christ clearing the vendors out of the temple with his whip; one of the women is walking through the scene with her son has her boobs exposed. I’m pretty sure that is how it happened, women running through the temple topless. Or maybe artists just like painting boobs. As I look around, I find that is a common theme in many of the paintings. Yeah, boobs are nice to look at, just no other way around it.

As I walk out of the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, I realize that I found the art displays quite enjoyable. I only wish Blondie could have been with me. She would have dug the Asian art, too.

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  1. I wish I could have been there too. You get to see so much fun stuff without me.