Saturday, July 31, 2010

La Roux, that girl with the hair

There is a new artist that I have discovered that I really enjoy. Her name is La Roux. She is a British artist that definitely has a unique style. She originally caught my eye with her red hair that she has styled straight up; I love it. She looks like David Bowie in the early 70's and everyone knows how much I love David Bowie. Blondie does not care for her voice, but I find it unique and actually quite clear. Here are a couple of videos. Let me know what your think.

This is the video that initially caught my eye. I love her hair and make up.

This video is my favorite, it is quirky and cool.

1 comment:

  1. I don't particularly like her look, but I do find it new and interesting. (Well, not even totally new... It feels so 80's.) I liked her song "bulletproof" until it was over played. Like you said her voice is very "clear" and I like that her British accent actually comes through when she sings. I always think it is a bit strange when British singers don't have an accent in their music.

    I kind wonder if she is going to last long or if she is just going to be a flavor of the month.