Saturday, July 31, 2010

La Roux, that girl with the hair

There is a new artist that I have discovered that I really enjoy. Her name is La Roux. She is a British artist that definitely has a unique style. She originally caught my eye with her red hair that she has styled straight up; I love it. She looks like David Bowie in the early 70's and everyone knows how much I love David Bowie. Blondie does not care for her voice, but I find it unique and actually quite clear. Here are a couple of videos. Let me know what your think.

This is the video that initially caught my eye. I love her hair and make up.

This video is my favorite, it is quirky and cool.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tattoos and parents, oh my!

Hey everyone, I am still here. I have been busy with various other things in my life like work and such. I have been trying to decide what to blog about and I found something that at least for me was kind of funny and frustrating.

Last week, I had an interesting interaction with my parents. My dad had been struggling with his health for a few days and ended up in the hospital. I kept in touch with my parents to make sure that he was doing okay. He was released from the hospital and made it back home when we had this conversation. We talked about how he was doing and hoping that he will feel better. At the end of the phone call, I asked if there was anything else they wanted to talk about. My dad asked, “Did you get a tattoo?” I answered, “Yes I did.” His response, “Do I need to take my strap across your backside?” (I am 39 years old and yet my parents still want to talk to me as if I am 10.) Now at this point, I asked, “Did you see my pictures on Facebook?”

Let me give a little background information before I go any further with this story. If you have read some of my older blog posts, you know that Blondie and I got our tattoos back in mid-May. We showed our friends, but we did not immediately advertise this fact to various family members. Blondie showed her tattoo to all of her family including her parents and they were fine, hardly a reaction. We actually received many compliments about how pretty and cool looking they are.

My parents are a different story. A few weeks after getting our tattoos, my parents took a flight through Salt Lake City, Utah out to see my brother’s family for their son’s baptism. We planned to meet them for the evening, but we did not want them to see our tattoos. My tattoo was easy to cover since it is on my chest, but Blondie’s tattoo is on her wrist. We went through great lengths to cover her tattoo up and not make it noticeable. Here is the reason why we did this. My parents were heading to my brother’s house for his son’s baptism and we did not want to cause an issue in between. I was afraid that if they saw our tattoos, we would receive comments from my parents such as, “We were looking forward to our grandson’s baptism, but seeing your tattoos ruined the spirit for us. This tainted our visit since we could only think about what you have done to your bodies.” I did not want to be responsible for ruining their experience, so we did not reveal our tattoos to them at that time. Our visit went well and they had a nice spiritual time at my brother’s house.

Fast forward to July. Blondie and I have decided that we no longer need to hide our tattoos from anyone, including my parents. We took pictures of ourselves with our tattoos and posted them on Facebook. Blondie set her main picture as the new one of her with her tattoo. I did not broadcast mine. I simply created a photo album and put the pictures in there. In essence, my tattoo pictures would not be seen by accident, someone would be looking intentionally.

Now let us return to the conversion that I had with my parents last week. My dad used these words when he asked me, “Did you get a tattoo?” I replied yes and then I asked if he saw my pictures on Facebook. He said, “Yes, I saw your pictures.” My response was, “If you saw my pictures on Facebook, then why did you ask me ‘Did you get a tattoo?’ when you already knew that I did?” He said, “I wanted to hear you tell me.” Completely frustrating.

They then went on with asking me if I was going to get more. I told them not right now since we are spending our money in other areas at the moment. (Have no fear, I will definitely be getting more tattoos, they are just a little bit expensive.) Here is another gem of a question, “Are you going to let your son and daughter get tattoos now?” What the hell? Yes, since I am an adult and decide to get a tattoo, this now means that I will let my 13-year son and 10-year-old daughter get tattoos. What kind of logic is this?

I told them, “No, I was not going to let my children get tattoos at their age.” They then proceeded to talk about all the ugly fat women that they see with tattoos and skimpy bikinis at the lake. Just unbelievable.

Well, there is a nice glimpse into the futile and completely frustrating relationship that I have with my parents since I did the absolutely worst thing ever, I decided that the church is not true for me and my family.