Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Watch out, the gays are coming!

I have had a little difficulty putting up posts lately, Blondie and I have been very busy with cleaning house and getting new flooring done. I had an interesting, yet very minor, conversation with one of my coworkers today that was kind of funny.

This past weekend was Gay Pride 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Gay people from all around come to have a celebration with a parade and other various festivities. I was chatting with one of my coworkers and made a joke about him participating in the parade. He is very much Mormon, so I was curious about what his reactions would be. He said, “Oh, those poor people!” I asked, “Why are they poor?” He answered, “They can do their own thing, but don’t push it on me! I don’t want anything to do with them.” I responded, “Well, make sure you return the favor and don’t push your views on them.” He basically did not have a response for that. One of the other guys listening in piped up, “That’s a good idea.”

This little exchange just brings up doubts and questions about Christians, religious people, and gays. Why do Christians, especially Mormons, have such a problem with gay people? This was the issue that sparked it all for me; the church’s involvement in passing Proposition 8. I am troubled by the idea that a church teaches its members to dislike gay people so much. Maybe it is not a direct doctrine or teaching, but I sure can see the results of how Mormons react to gay people. Can’t we all just get along without religions having to push their anti-gay teachings on us?


  1. I need to find 'The Ensign' article that I read about a year ago. It was talking about how to 'help' gay members to overcome their temptations and how to support them in their struggle. I actually believed the stupid article, that being gay was a choice and that anyone could learn to change their sexual orientation. Now, when I look back on it, after having bothered to look into the facts and discover that this is certainly not the case.. I am just appalled at the deep injustice there. As a brainwashed Mormon bimbo I believed the trash that 'The Ensign' published... and I know that there are many many Mormons believing that crap.


    The article was from Oct 2007 by Jeffrey R. Holland. It's under 'Church magazine articles' in the above address.

  2. I think a lot of religions do not love us gays...BUT I think the difference between Mormon dislike and regular old run of the mill religious dislike in general has to do with mentality. The Mormon mentality really is that they are right. They belong to the one and only true church. What the church says about gays is absolutely how it is. This means that when they are pushing. I sure miss feeling like I was right all the time...

  3. Something got deleted at the end of my comment. Sorry. What I meant to say was that when Mormons are pushing their beliefs and religion on others they really feel like they are pushing the truth and salvation on others. They don't see it as being disrespectful... They really think they are doing others a favor.