Wednesday, June 30, 2010

To my moving neighbors, WTF?

I have been in a state of shock today. My beautiful wife Blondie posted some very disturbing news on her blog last night. Our neighbors that live across the street from us have children that are the same age as our children. They have decided to move and the reason that we initially thought is not the real reason at all. We initially heard that they had grown out of their house and needed a larger one. After reading Blondie’s blog post, we have now discovered that they are moving because of us. Since we have left the church, started drinking casually, and got tattoos, I guess we are now the worst neighbors to have and our children are a bad influence on their children.

Is this really what Mormons do? I guess I have lived my entire life as a member of the church and never caught onto this idea. Do Utah Mormons think that they can live in a bubble of holiness and protection from the real world? I guess Blondie and I are just extra dangerous since we used to believe and now we don’t. We are not one of those unsuspecting non-members that do not know anything about the church. We know all about the church, every aspect about how it operates and what is expected. I went through the temple with the old ceremony before the changes in 1990. Yes, I did the death penalties in the temple. There is no pulling the wool over our eyes about what happens or has happened in the church.

So my question for our neighbors that have decided that we are longer good enough to live by is what happens when you move to another neighborhood and find neighbors that are not up to your standards? What if another family has children of similar age that no longer go to church? What if your neighbor is a sexual predator or criminal of some sort? Is that better than good upstanding neighbors that no longer go to church or share your belief system? Do you move again?

I guess I am taking this a little personally because my parents just did the same thing. They moved to Arizona for my dad’s health. They have been very diligent in reporting to us about how much better they are doing health wise since they moved there. The interesting thing is that they did not even think of moving until after we told them that we no longer believed in the church. Now our neighbors who have lived across from us for about 10 years have decided to do the same thing. I guess telling people that you no longer believe in the church is one of the worst things you can do.

Anyone want to move in across the street from some non-believers? I promise we are nice people. We have good hygiene and shower every day.


  1. Wow. That is insane. I am sure though that they are extreme example. I have a hard time believing that would be a normal reaction... Their loss. You guys are awesome.

  2. We'd consider it!!

    If it helps... We've considered moving too, but it's more to get some diversity and hopeful non-mormon, normal neighbors. Having the bishop and RS president within spitting distance (Literally!) is not very much fun.

  3. I used to live in a Utah subdivision that was entirely Mormon except for two houses that only had one house between them (coincidentally).

    The Mormon lady in between them was heard at church to proclaim, "I thought we were moving into a good Mormon area."