Friday, April 16, 2010

Time to get a tattoo

I have been thinking about getting a tattoo lately. Since I was raised in the church, getting a tattoo has always been frowned upon and very discouraged. Now that I am not following the counsels of the church, I have decided to get a tattoo.

At first, I was thinking big, but now I have decided on something smaller. I would like to do circular type design with my kids' and wife's names around it. It will look nice.

As for the bigger tattoo, I want to do a Phoenix, the mythological firebird that rises from the ashes. It is meaningful to me because it represents a reawakening or rebirth in my life. I have certainly had my eyes opened in regard to religion and life in general.

Here are some examples of tattoos that I have been looking at.

The tattoo on that guy's back is huge. I don't want to do one quite that big although I do like the design. I think my favorite is the first bluish shoulder one. I like the design of the bird and how it looks on his shoulder. I am planning on doing something similar to that.

What do you think?


  1. Hello, Bowie! :’) Did you get a tattoo already? Well, before you go for a tattoo, make sure first that you’re letting a reliable artist do the job. You should look for someone who is trustworthy and reputable. When I say trustworthy, I’m not just talking about his skills and experience when it comes to tattooing, but the kind of facility and equipment that he has. You have to be sure that the place is clean and he has sterile tattoo kits and supplies with him. This is important to prevent disease and infection transmission to customers.

    Carmella Eaglin

  2. Hi Carmella. Thank you for your positive comments, I appreciate that. If you check some of my later posts, you will see the tattoo that I did get. I started in August of 2011 and finished in December of 2011. I have been very happy with the results.