Thursday, April 8, 2010

Headed to Nauvoo and Carthage

This week, I am in a region of Illinois that is within driving distance of Nauvoo and Carthage. This Saturday after I am finished with work, I plan to drive over there and check everything out. I guess you could consider this Mecca for a Mormon. I expect that this will be a very interesting experience. I have heard from family members about the endless testimony bearing and asking for names of people that might be interested. Sounds pretty desperate to me.

I am planning on asking some questions to the various missionary hosts. I want to see what they will say or how they will react. Where did all of those plural wives of Joseph Smith stay after they married him in Nauvoo? Did Joseph Smith really drink a bottle of wine in Carthage Jail before getting shot to death? I'll be curious to see what they say.

This past conference weekend, my wife and I decided to go down to Temple Square and watch all the activities. I knew the wacky anti-Mormons would be there and I wanted to see what they would do. Unfortunately, they were a disappointment. The signs they had displayed really did not make any sense. As the members came out of the Conference Center, they read the signs and just chuckled. Obviously, the signs were not very effective. Instead of having stupid signs with weird claims of the Mormon church supporting abortion, why not have something that addresses real things such as polygamy and the denial of blacks in the priesthood? Oh well.

As we stood around and watched, my wife and I noticed how the members were looking at me. My non-church friendly hair style and spikey earrings did not go over too well. The members would look at me and then have a look of distrust or caution after viewing my appearance. It was the same for me as we walked into the Church Library. Distrusting looks and negative reactions. I am definitely not one of them and I like it that way. I will have fun seeing what reactions I get in Nauvoo and Carthage.


  1. Looking forward to hearing about your experiences in Nauvoo.

    When I was 14 I spent 6 months in Utah living with a member family. I loved it. We visited Brigham Youngs house and I remember being creeped out even then when I really had no idea about the extent of the disgraceful mess. I visited heaps of temples which was just plain fun. The temple is a peaceful place. At least, doing baptisms seemed cool. As an adult however, doing the endowment and such was a piece of work!!

  2. Ha ha Maureen, you figured it out. I was wondering if anyone would put it together that we are married. Well done:)

    It is comforting to know others are going through the same thing, that there are other people who understand the challenges that come with leaving this crazy church. I look forward to reading your blog. Take care!