Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why the LDS Church is not true for me. - Polygamy -

I am going to post various reasons why The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is not true for me. There are many reasons. For this post I am going to focus on polygamy.

I do not feel the need to bring up every reference to back up my claims. There have been plenty of other people that have done that. Just take a look at FARMS and MormonThink. Lots of material to review at those two sites.

Okay, on to the subject at hand, polygamy. The entire time that I have been raised in the church, polygamy was mentioned, but very downplayed. Polygamy was necessary to help all of the widows in the church. Joseph Smith was never mentioned in regard to polygamy. While I was on my mission, I always received the question of how many wives I had. I thought it was funny and never put any thought into it.

Since I have investigated the church on my terms, I have found a whole new world about polygamy that I never knew about. Polygamy all started with Joseph Smith and he was very deceptive about it. He started marrying young teenage girls as young as 14. He also married women that were already married to other men. Now I ask you, how does this help the widows?

When a grown man in his 30's marries girls in their teens, that is just wrong; he is practically a pedophile! Marrying other men's wives has no practical or positive reason; it just baffles me. What is the point of that? From everything that I have learned about polygamy there is not one positive aspect about it. Not one. In today's world, Joseph Smith would be in jail just like Warren Jeffs.

I have been told  by true believers that polygamy was necessary as part of the restoration. "Prophets" from the Old Testament practiced polygamy so that made it okay for Joseph Smith and the others to do it to. I don't think so. I don't give a fuck about what some looney "prophet" from the Old Testament did, that does not make it right to do now. Polygamy has never been legal in the United States. The entire time that the Mormons were practicing polygamy, they were breaking the law. Joseph Smith was lying when he wrote the 12th Article of Faith. Mormons at that time did not believe in "obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law." Joseph Smith did not feel like the laws of the land applied to him; he was living "God's law." Joseph Smith was above the laws of the land; if God told him to do something, he was justified in doing it even if it meant breaking the law.

Joseph Smith used the excuse that an angel with a flaming sword told him that he had to practice polygamy when he approached these girls asking them to marry him. Some of them were so brainwashed that they willingly accepted. Some of the girls refused and of course, Joseph Smith publicly humiliated them for not doing what he wanted.

Have you ever read Section 132 of the Doctrine and Covenants? The church lessons alway focus on the first half of the section dealing with eternal marriage; they never read the verses from the latter half. Emma Smith is personally threatened with destruction if she does not follow Joseph Smith and allow him to practice polygamy. Men are told that they can marry as many "virgins" as they want. The interesting thing is that women are warned to only marry one man, yet Joseph Smith was marrying women that were already currently married. He was causing these women to break his own "commandments" given in Section 132.

The Book of Mormon even contradicts the Doctrine and Covenants. In the Book of Mormon, David and Solomon are condemned for their practice of polygamy. In the Doctrine and Covenants, David and Solomon are commended and said to have not transgressed the laws of God. So was God lying to one people and telling the others the truth? Since when does God contradict himself?

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Joseph Smith was not a prophet. He was a man that believed very strongly in what he was doing, so strongly that he convinced and coerced other people to do what he said even if it was wrong.

Again I ask, what is one positive outcome from the Mormons practicing polygamy?


  1. yeah!!! what he said!

    There are just so many problems with Joseph's polygamy practice that I guess it makes sense to me now why the church just says "we don't do that anymore". Give me a fuckin' break. The church flat out censors all of it's history in the most despicable way.

    Section 132 is utter filth and I despise the man, ol' Joe that is, for stooping so low. Destroy me God! fucking destroy me I say. I am obviously just a piece of meat so just damned well twinkle me already! - well, that was what I thought when I read 132 and thought god actually told Joe all that crap. I wanted to die.

    Then I used my brain and realised the old cad bloody well made it up to convince his wife to let him have teenage brides. Ooooh I hate that he did that to Emma and all of the women who suffered from the yearnings of his loins.


    1. Your claim that 'polygamy was never legal in the United States' is not entirely accurate. Historically, it was never illegal, and therefore legal since there were no Federal laws against it. Polygamy was not prohibited by law from the founding of the nation until after the Mormons began practicing polygamy. Anti-Mormons seeking to eradicate the religion started complaining about it and demanded congress pass laws to prohibit the practice.
      Even after the Federal laws were passed, Muslims and Polynesian polygamist as well as other religious and/or cultural practitioners of polygamy that moved to the US were exempt from the laws, basically as a preexisting condition, so to speak. The Federal laws were targeted primarily at Mormon polygamists. There were in fact pockets of non-Mormon religious and non-religious polygamists scattered across the country even prior to the commencement of the practice by Mormons.
      The Mormons relocated to the Utah Territory (part of Mexico at the time, after their defeat in the Mexican War, Mexico ceded Utah to the US), again, while part of Mexico, there were no laws prohibiting polygamy. To the best of my knowledge the territories were not covered by the Federal anti-polygamy laws. Consequently, the Federal Government demanded and end of polygamy as a precondition to statehood, delaying Utah's entry into the Union for over 40 years.
      Just sayin'...facts are facts.

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  4. Blondinko thank you for your comment. Here are a couple of references pointing to polygamy being illegal.

    Blogspot.com will not let me do a hyperlink to another tab, so I will apologize in advance for the inconvenience of having to work your way back to my page after clicking on the link.

    MormonThink Polygamy is Illegal

    That link was my main reference source when I created this post.

    Just to be fair, I found a link from Fair LDS that also addresses and tries to justify whether it was illegal or not.

    Polygamy, Prophets, and Prevarications. . .

    Either way, I find the practice of polygamy a negative mark on the LDS Church.